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Have you ever looked at the ingredients for a product and thought “What in the world?” I know I have. Most of the words you can’t even pronounce, and you have no idea the role they play in the product.

This guide is to help you with that. Now, next time you are looking at the ingredients for cosmetic products, you can just use the “Find in Page” or “Search feature on your device to quickly find the ingredient and the description of that ingredient.

It is important to know what ingredients are being used on your hair and skin as some can causes irritation and other health issues with prolonged use.

Also, most companies list ingredients based on how much of the ingredients is in the product. For example, if water is listed first, the product is made up of mostly water.


*This guide is mainly for haircare products, but some of the same ingredients are in skincare products. If you come across an ingredient not listed, please email as the list is constantly being updated*