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Hair Care Instructions


Shampoo/ Condition

  • To detangle, comb hair from ends to roots using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush

  • Shampoo/ Condition hair BEFORE install

  • Shampoo hair weekly using sulfate free shampoo & moisture condition

  • Deep condition hair that has been dyed blonde

  • Use spray leave in conditioner.

  • Allow hair to air dry.


  • Use minimal heat styling (use rollers/rods)

  • Use heat-protectant

  • Use minimal styling products (to avoid hair becoming oily)

  • Wrap hair is silk/satin scarf/bonnet


  • Hair should be colored by a LICENSED professional (use no more than 30 vol )

  • If lightening the hair multiple times, use no more than 20 vol/ application

  • Professional products gives the best results
  • Bleaching hair may result in the loosening of the natural curl pattern. 

    STYLES BY MADAMEBLEU, OUI MADAME HAIR EXTENSIONS, MADAME BLEU will NOT be responsible hair that is damaged by improper coloring.